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The creative output of Danny, a.k.a. Notes from the unprofound
Collaboration between meandthebirthofmywords {Arabic and plain text} and notesfromtheunprofound {Hebrew and italics}

لأرواحُ الهائمه/محلقه في السماءِ و الهواء
بدلاً من الثُريـا و الفَراشِ و الطـَّير

משתעשעים ככרובים עם נבלים \ מנגנים עד השמיים

تعلُو و تعلُو / عناقيداً و أسرابا
تحت ظل الله/وبلغةٍ واحده فيها تذوب كل الحدود واللغات

   מתעלים את מגדל בבל שבו העולם התפזר \ נחזיר את שפתינו אל שפתינו

أغمِض عينيكَ معي/ وقدم قلبكَ قُربانا
فأنتَ في حضرة الموسِيقَى/ شاهداً على الخلود

 נאטם גם את אוזנינו אשר ליבינו ונפשינו יודעים יותר להקשיב

ودمعك الذي لطالما منه خجلت/ دع الكمان الشرقي الحزين به يتغزل / وأعط كل شعورٍ بداخلك ضائعا إسماً ولحنا

  נאשיר את השירים אלו כירושה / נכתוב מחדש היסטוריה הזהמה בדם 

Souls fly lovingly
In the sky 
In the air
Instead of the pleiades
Instead of birds and butterflies

    Larking as cherubim with harps / playing to heaven

Higher . Higher 
In clusters 
In swarms
Under the shadow of God
With one language in which 
all the boundaries and languages melt 

    Transcending Babel where the world dispersed / return our language to our lips

Close your eyes with me
And give your heart as an oblation
For you are in the presence of music
A witness to immortality

    We may shut our ears too for our hearts and souls know better to listen

Your tears that you ashamed of 
Let be in flirtation 
with sad eastern violin and in you
give each lost feeling a name and
a melody

    These songs we leave as our legacy / write anew the history tainted by blood

What foul gossip drove us to these woods ?
the pines of which bend until the needles loom stalagmitic -

The sky forces the canopy down
as passages of light fill with squirrel scuttles / escaping -

I chase them reckless until my face knows nature’s scorn
and in the rancid dream I wake to the point -

No sleep here deeper than the graves of roots
who now crave to be left to bed 

and I alone with the woods’ abandon
to disappear within its origami

The terminal
serves all of my favourite foods
  [& least favourite]
& there is ample seating
to share between
the bums -
Trains sometimes come
  [& sometimes not]
& not all the people here
are going
somewhere -

Voices sound through speakers
sometimes with wisdom
  [& sometimes prayer]
& rarely silence falls 
for the ceiling drips
all echo off the tracks -
Infrequent peace is undisrupted reading
  [& music]
& the artists hide their work
in tunnels
for art is sin -

Policemen patrol the platform
arresting the guilty
  [& the not]
& remind all the while that
we are watched from the first 
though not by choice -
Freedom is the knowledge
  [or faith]
that we are all waiting
for the end
where we might be less
surveilled // we might get somewhere 

{ poetryriot prompt: things we wait for }

Pearl eyed
makes the
tall grass 
and dance /
The venom

Sea grows by inches
eating the space I called ‘mine’ -
Reminds of true strength

Word baby comes
from throat contractions / Embryonic poetry of fermented grain -
All the pages have 
water stains / What is divine without a halo ?
AM is my AD
Crucifix the crux of midnight / writers are Christ. Crucified -
Hangover hasn’t spoiled the imagery;
I am ill-clad at my best
and so rarely at my best -



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