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The creative output of Danny, a.k.a. Notes from the unprofound

Prominent branding
& product placement
among the aid {COCA COLA} parcels -
Iphone cases more accessible
than birth control 
"That’s the wrong protection 
for these people”
Some avatar reasons
from a distance too great
to trouble the philanthropists -
Search engines fill
with Ebola
as someone is heard saying
that it has gone viral -
Accept my friend request
and i might start work on 
a vaccine -
I am the Lord, your God,
administrator of this account;
The water is free range
and plentiful enough to drown
so when i say, speak to the rock

Probably still wait 
for the battery to die
before building a fire to
signal for help 

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PSA - Project

As promised, a shorter post regarding my new project:

middleeasternjournal is a literary/arts/photography journal focused on building a community through poetry and art, inspiring creativity, positivity and hope in a region that needs it most and creating a platform for their voices to be heard. The voices talking of peace and hope, that you will not hear on your local news station.

This is a non-political project.

Contributions and submissions are welcomed by everyone as long as they avoid discriminatory themes/political blame/scapegoating/prejudicial, hate language.

Please support this project by following the blog, reblogging this post or posting your own informative post to help get the word out.

Thank you

p.s. I have also created a Facebook page, (<  link) though i’m a mild to fairly incompetent user of that media, so bare with me on that one.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

I have started a project.

In acknowledgement of my own little angel/demon-thing that grows in the pits of our guts (no, not hunger) - desire - I have decided to begin this project and attempt to fulfill a desires that i believe most of us share; To actually do a worthwhile thing with our blocks of existence.

(Do not panic; Later on i’ll reblog this informative post without all of the babble so you don’t have to read my rambling.)

The project is currently in the form of a blog, here on Tumblr, though with your help and support will grow into a fully operational website with regular issues of its own publication.

The idea:

The idea is for a poetry/literary/arts magazine, featuring work of people

  • From or living in the Middle East
  • Of religious or ethnic origin in the Middle East
  • Interested in or studying the Middle East
  • Anyone at all who wishes to conform to the theme 

This is a non-political, non-discriminatory project
(Politics, whilst inevitable, will be tolerated as long as the focus is positive)

The aims

  • The aim is to inspire positivity, creativity, hope, art and peace in a region in desperate need of a little light.
  • To create a community of souls in which to share and develop these values. To share the light.
  • To serve as a platform to showcase aspiring talent with voices worth hearing. To shine the light.

Until a readership exists, the blog will serve to reblog work of a relevant nature, until such a time that a first issue becomes viable.

Please support this project, friends.

You can follow the blog, tag posts you see and think relevant, reblog our posts, submit your own work, reblog this post, post your own post letting your followers know ;) ,  and anything else you feel would help.

If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.
If you want to submit poetry/artwork/anything, please send to

You can find the blog here.

Thank you

You Windsor-knotted nooses/
Not me;
Hanged years ago by teeth -
Plaque, plague black & formed
as sheaths
to foils made by
the frayed rope fibers 
beneath the which lies only 
dueling - all fueled by the hangman
holding the floss -
From office desks,
same wood as caskets
wouldst thou not a better jouster make
than headstone in-wait?

Anonymous asked: who are some of your favorite male poets on tumblr?

Hi Anon,

I’m not sure why gender would influence who you read, so i’m happy to answer your question trying to focus on male writers, though i’ll pepper the list with some excellent female writers too:


This list is comprised entirely of the names I can remember of the top of my head.
There are females in the list, because their gender oughtn’t matter, though as i don’t know your reasons for requesting only male poets, i’ve focused mainly on the male writers.

Hope this is helpful.

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any other online mags? :)

I wish i could be more helpful on this, but in truth, i do not.
There was a post circulating a little while ago with a long list of mags and resources that would answer your question well, though i’m struggling to find it now.
Followers please, if you can help out, comment on this post with recommendations of online mags to submit to. Or better yet, reblog the post with the long list of recommendations, so i can reblog it from you.

Thank you.

Anonymous asked: Is wallflowers magazine an online magazine? How did you submit to them/approach them? Are they still looking for submissions?

It is an online mag, yes.
I believe they are always accepting submissions, so here is a link to their submissions page.
I have been a fan of this particular magazine after a friend of mine had work published there, so i simply sent them through some poetry via their page and they contacted me to inform that it would be getting published.
I say, go for it, friend.
The rewards well worth it, as it online mags are a great place to start trying to get published: A first stepping stone on the way to payed, print publication. Similarly, you will be helping the mag, with some quality material, so think of it as a good deed too.
Good luck.