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The creative output of Danny, a.k.a. Notes from the unprofound

Nun-rum can un-drum

conundrums from under ‘um

but canon drums can’t un-rum

as undrummed conundrums can /

Pro - nun n’ rum under ‘um can canon on 

Con - no non-sense nun rum drumming to un-drum the conundrums

Prompt by thatrandomgirl4389: Nonsense

Hatted dogs do not reduce bite risk
nor do the sugar cubes between your teeth -
When they fall
our tears speak the same language /
Water exists still
when not flowing -
Would you wish I wash the dogs out
and dissolve the sugar so
we all can speak a little sweeter?
Would it work at all?
I scab -
The rough, worn knees of the begger
& the rough, worn knees of the priest
& the rough, worn knees of the fallen
& are there not bloodied floorboards
enough to stop the trilby
being sold to the hound?

Dye drops
in the sugar bowl

Red half / blue half 
of the same pill

Sweet on the tongue
is the word for both
& end -

15th birthday /
bad haircut

16th birthday /
plays the lottery

Both sides
in the candle’s wick
& every birthday since
spent chasing the smoke -

Every birthday since
spent searching for that word

Most frightful is the mask-less man

for you see the light in his eyes has

long since died

and do not know whether his half smile 

is fading too

or growing

Seven hats in disorder on seven mannequins /
Forgotten who I am supposed to be today